Looking after your property all year round.

We are able to look after your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can become your first nominated key holder, this will save you any inconvenience when the alarm triggers in the early hours day or night. When your alarm is activated we will send a fully uniformed security officer in our fully liveried vehicles to respond to your premises.

The alarm will be deactivated and reset and will inspect the premises, liaise with the emergency services if necessary and only leave when the property has been secured. A full report will be left onsite. If it is a break in the Police will be called and our Officer will not enter the premises until the Police arrive.

If the premises needs boarding we will request authorisation for this unless this has been given prior for this scenario. The alarm will be reset unless an engineer is needed in which case an officer will stay onsite until the engineer arrives and alarm error is fixed. A full report will be left onsite and emailed to your point of contact the next working day.

Open Ups/Lock Ups

We can open up and lock up your premises at specified times. Please speak to one of our team about this invaluable service.



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