Close Protection

Our Management and Operational team have a wealth of experience from EX -Forces and Emergency Services backgrounds

The MSS Management team and our staff, advisors and Close Protection Operatives are qualified individuals from a background of the Armed Forces, Special Forces, Police Officers and other Emergency Services.

In the UK the relevant (British) Industry Qualification is for each individual to hold a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Front Line Close Protection Licence. We only provide Ex forces qualified and Licensed Operatives for all of its operational work, even in countries that do not require this standard.

Our Management team are professionals that are committed to the Close Protection Industry and it is our business ethos that they all carry front line operational licences and also many of them currently work in the field on our projects. MSS Security has been setting new standards in the Specialist Security Industry since its inception where we were approached by clients wanting a tailored and more professional service.

Our hands on approach to our business in striving to raise standards has gained us an exceptional reputation with clients who wanted to see benefits from the services which are second to none in the current market.

Services Supplied

  • Close Protection Teams
  • Search Teams
  • Specialist Security Drivers
  • Security Advance Parties
  • Private Yacht Security Officers
  • Female Bodyguards
  • Male Bodyguards
  • Counter Surveillance Teams
  • Firearms Trained Close protection Officers for outside the UK Operations
  • Counter Attack Team
  • Security Systems Tech Teams
  • Counter -Terrorism Teams
  • Hostage Negations / Rescue Teams



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